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Renew your support for the NCC and help us stand up for smaller government. It is time to reduce public spending and we need your help!

Our 5-0-1 campaign provides a framework for our elected officials to eliminate record-setting deficits and get our economy back on track!

Fight back against the carbon taxes that are hurting taxpayers and businesses alike. Say NO to higher taxes!

Read through our Agenda for Canada and support our fight for more freedom through less government! Help keep Canada on the right path!







Check out this excellent interview with Peter Coleman on CBC Radio Vancouver about the ongoing Senate expense scandal. It is time to reform the Senate and make it accountable to the public. Listen in!

Check out this excellent interview with Peter Coleman on the Rick Gibbons show, Ottawa 580am. The recent federal fiscal update has caused widespread disappointment and concern amongst small-c conservatives. Listen in!

Check out this interview with Stephen Taylor about why union transparency is important to Canadians. Bill C-377 will help hard-working Canadians see where their money is going. It is time to put these issues in the spotlight!







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  • Stephen Harper - A Personal Reflection

    The first time I met Stephen Harper I thought he was the smartest guy in the room, but I liked him anyway.  He didn’t use the $50 words and intellectual snobbishness that many deep-thinking academics carry.  We were at an NCC event in Hamilton and he was in debate promoting the triple-E senate. He was a shy, young Reform MP from Calgary. I was a newly installed Chairman of the NCC and it was not long after the death of the NCC’s founder, Colin M. Brown.  I remember thinking… Read More +

  • PBO warns Canada's spending is now on an unsustainable path

    After a comprehensive review of federal, provincial and municipal spending projections across the country Canada's Parliamentary Budget Officer is sounding the alarm.

    Canada's spending is now on an unsustainable path. Full stop.

    In fact, Prime Minister Trudeau has even squandered any room for future spending initiatives with this year's federal budget, which included more than $10-billion of new spending on top of a deficit projected to reach $30-billion by 2017. This means that Canada's debt-to-GDP ratio - the most important single measure of economic health - will increase significantly.

    The consequences of overspending are very real. We have seen numerous failed states… Read More +

  • Alberta’s fiscal situation poised to become even more dire

    Alberta’s latest fiscal update paints a fairly bleak picture of limited economic growth on the horizon for the province, and increased job losses a distinct possibility as the year continues.

    This may come as no surprise to some, after the provincial NDP tabled a budget this year projecting a $10.4-billion deficit for 2016/2017 and up to $60-billion of new debt by 2020.

    The situation is already becoming dire for many businesses across the province.

    In Calgary, many businesses are struggling to keep lights on and avoid laying off staff. In fact the city has now agreed to freeze property taxes for the… Read More +

  • Ontario’s scrapped pension plan an exercise in wasted time and money

    After bullishly pursuing a separate provincial pension plan for the past year, Ontario’s Liberals have now backed down in favour of the enhanced Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). There was major concern within Canada’s financial community about the hastily patched together Ontario plan, which was projected to cause major instability during the transition period. Now that this disaster has been somewhat avoided, we can accurately see what this entire exercise really was: a major waste of time and money.

    Exactly how much time – how many man-hours of work have been wasted – will probably never be known. This is the… Read More +

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President's blog

  • Congrats PM Harper and best wishes

    PM Stephen Harper announced he is stepping away from politics for good today as he announced he is resigning his seat in Calgary. His short and sweet message was a continuation of his style. Never one that sought the limelight but was firm in his convictions and what he and his party accomplished.

    Much was achieved by PM Harper even though many on the left were quick to vilify him.  In the fullness of time his record of fiscal responsibility and keeping Canada both safe and well-respected around the world will be appreciated.… Read More +

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