• It's time to see meaningful action on debt reduction at the federal level. Make a donation and show your support!

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  • Help us put an end to forced union dues in Canada. Watch our interviews and support our campaign by clicking here!

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  • Our elected officials should not be rolling the dice with taxpayers' hard-earned money. Click here to stand up for fiscal transparency in Ottawa!

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  • Canada needs strong leadership - starting right from the top. Check out our 501 Campaign for better government and help us get this government back on track!

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Renew your support for the NCC and help us stand up for smaller government. It is time to reduce public spending and we need your help!

Our 5-0-1 campaign provides a framework for our elected officials to eliminate record-setting deficits and get our economy back on track!

The National Citizens Coalition has submitted our report to the federal Finance Committee for the upcoming pre-budget hearings. Read it now!

There is a federal election looming within the coming year and there is a great deal at stake for Canada this time around. Keep Canada on the right path!







Check out this excellent interview with Peter Coleman on CBC Radio Vancouver about the ongoing Senate expense scandal. It is time to reform the Senate and make it accountable to the public. Listen in!

Check out this excellent interview with Peter Coleman on the Rick Gibbons show, Ottawa 580am. The recent federal fiscal update has caused widespread disappointment and concern amongst small-c conservatives. Listen in!

Check out this interview with Stephen Taylor about why union transparency is important to Canadians. Bill C-377 will help hard-working Canadians see where their money is going. It is time to put these issues in the spotlight!







Canadian oil still waiting for pipeline deals

Canadian oil will be exported, and it will fuel our economic growth for decades to come. Business groups know this, and they have been investing in oilsands projects more and more....

Federal Conservatives announce early February budget

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has announced that the 2014 federal budget will be presented on February 11. Ending several weeks of speculation...

Canada Post decision to end home delivery will be challenged by MPs

Canada Post recently turned heads by announcing its intention to phase out home delivery service over the next five years...


Ontario Liberals out of touch on spending issues, byelections called for February 13

The Ontario Liberals have demonstrated time and time again that they cannot be trusted to manage the...







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