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  • Canada needs strong leadership - starting right from the top. Check out our 501 Campaign for better government and help us get our economy back on track!

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Renew your support for the NCC and help us stand up for smaller government. It is time to reduce public spending and we need your help!

Our 5-0-1 campaign provides a framework for our elected officials to eliminate record-setting deficits and get our economy back on track!

Fight back against the carbon taxes that are hurting taxpayers and businesses alike. Say NO to higher taxes!

Read through our Agenda for Canada and support our fight for more freedom through less government! Help keep Canada on the right path!







Check out this excellent interview with Peter Coleman on CBC Radio Vancouver about the ongoing Senate expense scandal. It is time to reform the Senate and make it accountable to the public. Listen in!

Check out this excellent interview with Peter Coleman on the Rick Gibbons show, Ottawa 580am. The recent federal fiscal update has caused widespread disappointment and concern amongst small-c conservatives. Listen in!

Check out this interview with Stephen Taylor about why union transparency is important to Canadians. Bill C-377 will help hard-working Canadians see where their money is going. It is time to put these issues in the spotlight!







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  • NCC Update: Ontario's economy is in serious danger


    Ontario's economy is in serious danger. Once again Ontario is faced with a combination of declining productivity and reckless overspending. And true to form, Premier Wynne is actually bragging about doing a good job, despite running up another deficit of more than $10-billion this year alone. The latest estimates from the provincial Financial Accountability Office indicate that the Wynne government will miss their target to balance the budget in 2017/2018 by nearly $4-billion.

    It's time for… Read More +

  • NCC Update: Alberta's economy in the spotlight

    It is time to have a frank conversation about the alarming mismanagement of this great province at the hands of Rachel Notley and the provincial NDPs. This government has already failed to deliver on its promises to strengthen Alberta's economy, and they are now on pace to run up a deficit of nearly $6.5-billion this year alone!

    Billions of dollars of new public debt. Rising unemployment. Year after year of deficits. Is this the Alberta… Read More +

  • NCC Blog: Good luck to PM Trudeau - we will be watching very closely

    It was fascinating to watch the swearing in ceremony of Prime Minister Trudeau last week and the fawning media reaction that followed with it. It was the type of scene that would have made the royals Will and Kate blush.

    There is no doubt that Conservative party and their messaging had become very tired. This was most evident within the PMO itself, whose stifling and restrictive methods have even upset many life-long supporters. It was a… Read More +

  • Special preview of our hard-hitting ad campaign

    At the National Citizens Coalition we are standing up for taxpayers in this election, and we are getting set to roll out our hard-hitting media campaign. Our message is simple: lower taxes, lower spending and smaller government.

    Please click here to support us with a donation today! We cannot do this without your support!

    We know that our ads have the most impact in the final weeks of the election campaign, and we have focused… Read More +

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