• Read our new Agenda for Canada and support our campaign to keep Canada on the right path!

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  • Read the latest message from the NCC Chairman, and help us fight for more freedom through less government today!

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  • Canada cannot afford expensive, job-killing carbon taxes that will increase prices for businesses and consumers. Stop the carbon tax today!

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  • It's time to see meaningful action on debt reduction at the federal level. Make a donation and show your support!

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  • Help us put an end to forced union dues in Canada. Watch our interviews and support our campaign by clicking here!

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  • Our elected officials should not be rolling the dice with taxpayers' hard-earned money. Click here to stand up for fiscal transparency in Ottawa!

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  • Canada needs strong leadership - starting right from the top. Check out our 501 Campaign for better government and help us get our economy back on track!

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Renew your support for the NCC and help us stand up for smaller government. It is time to reduce public spending and we need your help!

Our 5-0-1 campaign provides a framework for our elected officials to eliminate record-setting deficits and get our economy back on track!

Fight back against the carbon taxes that are hurting taxpayers and businesses alike. Say NO to higher taxes!

Read through our Agenda for Canada and support our fight for more freedom through less government! Help keep Canada on the right path!







Check out this excellent interview with Peter Coleman on CBC Radio Vancouver about the ongoing Senate expense scandal. It is time to reform the Senate and make it accountable to the public. Listen in!

Check out this excellent interview with Peter Coleman on the Rick Gibbons show, Ottawa 580am. The recent federal fiscal update has caused widespread disappointment and concern amongst small-c conservatives. Listen in!

Check out this interview with Stephen Taylor about why union transparency is important to Canadians. Bill C-377 will help hard-working Canadians see where their money is going. It is time to put these issues in the spotlight!







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  • Hypocrisy of Ontario Liberal Campaign Finance Reform

    It is interesting to watch how Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne is now rushing to make campaign financing reform a top priority. Her hypocrisy is immediately apparent when she claims that union and corporate donations are problematic for the province. After all, she was certainly happy to accept union donations to keep the Liberals in power.

    Could the fact that she has a 20% popularity rating have something to do with this  latest headline-grabbing ploy? More and more Ontarians are waking up to the fact that Premier Wynne has been a disaster for Ontario, and many taxpayers will remember this complete reversal… Read More +

  • PM Trudeau's inexperience and recklessness on display with his first federal budget

    Yesterday, Prime Minister Trudeau and the federal Liberals unveiled the budget for 2016 - and it was a shocking mix of overspending and poor priorities.

    You can read our press release on the federal budget for more information by clicking here.

    This year's deficit is expected to surpass $30-billion now that the Liberal's new project spending has been tallied. At this rate, Canada is on track for more than $150-billion of new public debt over the coming few years. This will be a disaster for our annual debt service fees, and it will make any efforts to balance the budget exponentially… Read More +

  • Latest radio ad: Health service cuts in Ontario

    Contact your MPP and tell them to cut the waste in Ontario, not important medical services. Ontario's healthcare bureaucracy is inefficient and bloated, and this is where cost savings should be found.

    Fight back against Premiere Wynne's cuts to medical services! Listen to our latest radio ad, and sign our petition by clicking here

  • Letter from the Chairman

    A message from the Chairman of the NCC

    By Colin Brown

    Ontario is a financial basket case whose elections are controlled by an axis of big union bosses.  Socialists are governing Alberta. And, Pierre Trudeau’s son is Prime Minister of Canada. Who could have dreamt that in 2016 Canadian conservatives would face such a challenge? 

    But this is not 1968. In that year, my father Colin M. Brown began running full page newspaper ads warning about the evils of big government.  He paid for these first as a concerned citizen, then added “if you share my alarm, your… Read More +

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President's blog

  • Cap and Trade and Carbon taxes

    It seems that politicians are in a full tizzy over carbon taxes and cap and trade. Ontario announced a farcical cap and trade program and now it seems as if the feds are looking to jump in as well. Alberta has plans as well but just doesn't want people to see the potential job losses associated with it.

    There is no doubt the climate is changing- it always has and always will. I do disagree with some though about the true causes of climate change. That is for another day.

    Reality is… Read More +

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